A.I Digest – 15 February 2019

Dries Cronje, founder and chief barista at Deep Learning Café, a local Artificial Intelligence solution provider, does this week’s round-up of the latest developments in the world of A.I. 

The Business Angle

A.I. is changing banking and Wall Street. Here is what to expect

While we’ve all been waiting for the banking industry to be disrupted we’ve seen a constant stream of innovation coming from the banks.

Here’s what to expect.

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IBM A.I. loses debate to human champion

The headline is misleading and does not do justice to the incredible achievement for an A.I. to compete so convincingly in a debate against a human.

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A.I. in the supply chain

The supply chain industry has been good at tracking and monitoring. A.I. for predictive analytics and  has the potential to completely transform the industry.

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A.I – threat or saviour?

At our local A.I. MeetUp, the discussion always turns to “when will the robots come to kill us?” According to prof. Peter Cochrane from the University of Pretoria (my alma mater)  the balance between good and bad sees an overwhelming weight of evidence on the side of A.I. being of great benefit.

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A.I. for the nerds

A.I. has no value unless it is in production

Why is it so hard to put data science in production?

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A must-read NLP tutorial on Neural Machine Translation

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela.

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And finally…

A man ahead of his time

David Bowie predicted the impact of the internet way back in 1999. He was indeed way ahead of his time – he got it.

There is no doubt AI is now experiencing the 1999 internet moment Bowie talks about. Ask yourself, what can we say today about the impact of A.I that will turn out to be true in 2039?


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Dries is the founder of the Deep Learning Café. Designing AI and cloud strategies, supported by tools and processes, is at the core of his daily endeavours towards achieving AI excellence.

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