What Are the Benefits of Paying a Subscription Fee for Doc-Insight Core?

For many people, the idea of paying a subscription fee can be a turn off: Once-off payments are always more appealing than recurring ones. However, subscription-based services are often better investments because the recurring payments allow for them to be developed and improved continuously. This means that the service will continue to deliver better and better results for the user. 

At Deep Learning Café, we charge a subscription fee for our product, Doc-Insight Core – our suite of Natural Language Processing (NLP) proprietary libraries that have been developed by our R&D team over the course of many years. We’ve had clients ask us about why we charge a subscription fee and if committing to an ongoing service is worth it. Our answer is always yes. Here’s why. 

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A dedicated team of professionals is behind the tech.

At Deep Learning Café, we are passionate about artificial intelligence and machine learning, and as a group, we are always experimenting with new ideas.


We’re fascinated by how the industry is evolving and always looking for ways to apply new findings to the work we do. We’ve been doing this for many years, which means we know what works and what doesn’t


Doc-Insight Core is one product in particular that we have poured a lot of focus and energy into developing. This is because we believe that NLP – the foundation of Doc-Insight Core – is an area of machine learning that has the real potential to connect computers and human beings. 


An example of this is the application we built for legal professionals to help them process and manage the volumes of documentation that they are faced with. Built on top of the Doc-Insight Core libraries, this tool – or Doc-Insight, as we called it – works like a research tool that allows you to find whatever information you are looking for using semantic search. It has the ability to scan through every type of document that exists, pull information from platforms like DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive and most email services and organise it neatly for you to go back to. 


We’ve since gone on to build other projects that use this same technology but perform different tasks to meet different needs. The libraries are customisable, but their power remains the same. 


We make use of the subscription fees we charge for Doc-Insight Core to ensure that the team has access to the resources that they need to continue experimenting and developing new, innovative tools that our clients can benefit from. 


Our R&D team has spent years ensuring our tech is always at the most cutting-edge.

NLP is one area in the AI space that is advancing particularly rapidly. This means that to stay up-to-speed with industry trends, our team is always looking to improve and incorporate newer and better techniques into our existing product – Doc-Insight Core. 


We’ve been building on Doc-Insight Core’s tech for years, we know it works, and we have the expertise to ensure it is always cutting-edge.


This is important to us because we want to provide our clients with a service that will help them achieve their goals both now and in the future. To ensure that we can do that effectively, we are constantly looking at how we can make our battle-hardened resources stronger and more dynamic. 


One way that we’ve done this is to build Doc-Insight Core in such a way that it is easy for its components to be moved and stacked – much like lego blocks. This means that every solution can be customised to meet clients’ individual needs, which in turn means that they can continue to innovate and reach their goals. 


Maintaining and innovating on such a complex product takes a lot of mindshare and engineering time, which means that we rely on the funds we get from our subscription fee to support our R&D team’s efforts. 


Our ultimate goal in charging this fee at the end of the day is to provide the best quality service possible for our clients – and we believe that offering a product – that can not only keep up but also surpass what others in the industry are doing – is the best way to do this.


The cost of development is shared across all subscribers.

Another good reason to invest in a subscription service is that the cost of development is shared by all subscribers. This means that it won’t be something that completely breaks the bank every time the subscription renews. 


This is important to us because we want all of our clients to have access to the resources that will help them solve their problems and achieve their goals. 


While every case is unique – depending on the company size and use-case – we normally charge anywhere between R3 000 and R30 000 for continued access to Doc-Insight Core. You can see more about how our fee structures for artificial intelligence implementation at businesses are structured here


Because the service is used by a range of clients, the development of it becomes a community-supported effort: The more people that make use of it, the more time our team can spend on keeping it sharp, exciting and useful – which continues to benefit existing subscribers as well as new ones.  


So, in conclusion: We charge a subscription fee for Doc-Insight Core because we want our clients to always have access to cutting-edge solutions. As teams who are on a mission to not only transform their own businesses but also disrupt entire industries, we want to help provide them with the tools that they need to do this. 


Suppose you’d like to learn more about Doc-Insight Core or have any other questions, feel free to reach out. We’d love to hear from you!


Dries is the founder of the Deep Learning Café. Designing AI and cloud strategies, supported by tools and processes, is at the core of his daily endeavours towards achieving AI excellence.

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