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01  computer vision

Computer Vision can recognise people and objects with astonishing accuracy. In the retail space we use computer vision to answer the most important questions; what is the demographic of people visiting your shop, was it a pleasant experience and did they buy to name. 

By tracking and rewarding your regular customers you can turn occasional shoppers into loyal regulars.

02  Document Intelligence

Never before have lawyers been confronted with more voluminous and complex data than what they are today.

Document intelligence entails using A.I (natural language processing) to understand documents at a contextual and semantic level forming a platform for various use-cases.

In one instance, a multi-nation law firm quoted our client a fortune of money and two weeks of manual labour to analyse 20000 emails and attached documents to find the relevant information. 

By using the document intelligence tools, our client was able to extract the relevant information and analyse the 20000 emails and attachments in a matter of hours and at a fraction of the cost.

03  Recommendation Engine

Every business is under pressure to sell more at a lower price. Our recommendation engine technology will help you sell products you could never sell before, to users you could never reach before. By showing your customers quality recommendations you will not only increase sales  – you will also create an engaging loyal customer base.

04  Workshops
What can AI do for your business? There is now a general consensus that AI could make a huge impact on your organization. AI has the potential to not only solve business problems but to also unlock previously unimaginable opportunities. The big question is rather, HOW? How can you use AI to unlock value? We have carefully created a series of workshops to help you understand AI and to help you identify opportunities in your organization where AI can make a big impact.

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