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Dries Deep Learning Cafe

CEO & Founder


I am a technology entrepreneur and the founder of the Deep Learning Café. My driving force is to use technology to solve real-world problems and create value from technology that transcends industries.
Prior to incorporating Deep Learning Café, I was instrumental in creating a blueprint for artificial intelligence which was used as a road map to introduce AI into a leading South African vehicle tracking company in a way that aligned perfectly with the company’s business objectives.
In addition, I not only created a business case for taking the very same company into the cloud but also implemented the business case with quantifiable success. As a company that invested heavily in infrastructure, it was important to weigh the OpEx and CapEx expenditure migration to cloud against keeping production operational. I achieved this by developing a hybrid approach to offset against the CapEx expenditure while ramping up the OpEx expenditure in the cloud.
With a career that expands 15 years, I have taken on numerous leadership roles. In my previous position as head of AI, I led 13 people across 3 cities (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria). By creating a common vision aligned with business objectives based on proven processes and methodologies the team, performed with excellence.
Apart from the breadth of knowledge and experience as described above, I also have a deep understanding of Machine Learning and what is required to take machine learning models into production.

Tawanda Ewing

Machine learning Engineer
I am an Electrical & Electronic Engineer turned Machine Learning Engineer with a passion for spreading knowledge and a desire to become an Artificial Intelligence expert. Developing the skills to solve real world problems, particularly in Africa, is my main motivator and I believe that a solution to every problem is always within reach when individuals with the same vision form a team.

Peter Gwaka

I am a Full-stack Software Engineer & technology enthusiast with over 10 years experience in the IT industry and 6 years as a software developer. My passion lies in creating and modelling the communication between software and users, and how to optimise that conduit of interaction. I am a problem solver driven to find solutions that best fit the desired outcome.

Clifford Bongani Ndou

marketing assistant
I am a people’s person and I am able to build great relationships with our clients by really connecting with them. My passion and drive is to help our clients convert leads and help their business excel and grow in every way they can. A great addition to the team!

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