Computer Vision

Computer Vision can recognize people and objects with astonishing accuracy. In the retail space we use computer vision to answer the most important questions; what is the demographic of people visiting your shop, was it a pleasant experience and did they buy to name. By tracking and rewarding your regular customers you can turn occasional shoppers into loyal regulars.

Natural Language Processing

Never before have lawyers been confronted with more and more complex data than what they are today. We’ve built a suite of tools to:

  • process the eye-watering amounts of data you have
  • present you with only the most useful and relevant information where and when you need it

The less time you spent looking for information, the more time you have to do what you love, being a great lawyer.

Recommendation Engine

Every business is under pressure to sell more at a lower price. Our recommendation engine technology will help you sell products you could never sell before, to users you could never reach before. By showing your customers quality recommendations you will not only increase sales  – you will also create an engaging loyal customer base.


Deep Learning Cafe Case Study


Used AI to recommend products to 200,000 members based on their individual preferences and history, thereby improving sales by 5%

Deep Learning Cafe

Adine Abro Attorneys

Client extracted the relevant information using the semantic search engine in less than 5 hours, a lot less than the 2 weeks as quoted by a leading law firm.

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