What can AI do for your business?

There is now a general consensus that AI could make a huge impact on your organization. AI has the potential to not only solve business problems but to also unlock previously unimaginable opportunities.

The big question is rather, HOW? How can you use AI to unlock value?

We have carefully created a series of workshops to help you understand AI and to help you identify opportunities in your organization where AI can make a big impact.

We will be sharing the secret recipe with you.


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AI overview for executives

High-level WOW! Examples (e.g how Rolls Royce uses big data + analytics, or Google, Amazon). The landscape (e.g trends in the legaltech/fintech space)

Business Analysis

Identify Business objectives without any preconceived ideas of what is possible or not. No AI talk and no IT people involved. SWOT + TOWs

Thinking About AI

AI is a discipline. ML is a toolset. Replace rules-based processes with data-driven ML decision making. The secret sauce. It’s hard, but it’s hard for everyone. Changes are incremental with a compound effect.

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Explore Use Cases

Match business objectives and problems (as identified during Business Analysis) with opportunities in AI and work through the top candidates. Every use case needs to answer these four questions: What is the benefit? What data is needed? Are you collecting the data currently? Are there humans involved?


ML in production. Understand existing systems architecture. Identify touchpoints. Please note that this session is optional.

Present Outcome

All workshop notes. Top use cases in detail + comments on potential for ML implementation. A business case for the implementation of ML in the organization.


WeWork, Rosebank

Mon. - Fri. 09:00 - 17:00


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