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We pride ourselves on building AI solutions to help businesses better understand their data, optimise time, resources and increase profits.

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Investing in the right AI tool can, therefore, help you maximise your potential in more ways than one. Not only can you streamline your workflow more effectively, but with less pressure, you can afford to focus on the details that will make an impact and blow your client away. You also have the freedom to spend more time getting to know the people you’re working with and develop strong, trusting relationships that will set you up for continued success.

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Started with AI

AI is intimidating and exciting at the same time. Pop-culture has created the misconception of AI as being dangerous to us and out there to take our jobs.
Dries Deep Learning Cafe

CEO & Founder


Introducing AI To Your Company

Developing the skills to solve real world problems, particularly in Africa, is our main motivator and We believe that a solution to every problem is always within reach when individuals with the same vision form a team.

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Like a great cup of coffee, which involves the engineering of the perfect coffee bean together with the artistic blend expressed by the barista – so too does the building of a high value engineered solution involve the combination of our passion, our deep scientific understanding of AI and just the right amount of artistic expression to achieve perfection.
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What They say about us

"I have had the pleasure to work with Dries for a number of years. Dries is a true leader not just at his place of work but in Industry, with his extensive experience and knowledge in the world of AI and developing teams in this field, Dries has inspired many youth and the more experienced to learn this modern art. Dries is passionate about developing the right culture and methodologies that span from the likes of silicon valley. He goes that extra mile to contribute back to his community with fantastic thought leadership pieces that help orginisations understand the benefits of AI and how to implement in their orginisations, he is South Africa's thought leader in AI. Dries has helped my business with sound strategic advice in this space which has been a major contributor to our business becoming a top 100 Google Cloud AI and ML partner globally. "
Deep Learning Cafe
Brett StClair
CEO Siatik
" Dries has been assisting us in solving complex problems for over a year now. I am yet to come across a more passionate and driven individual. His personal involvement and care to our business has made the real difference. "
Deep Learning Cafe
Adine Abro
Owner at Adine Abro Attorneys
" We have been working with Dries, from Deep Learning Cafe, for the past year designing a recommendation engine that uses machine learning for our travel platform. Dries is extremely knowledgable when it comes to deep learning and he is able to provide out-the-box solutions to complex problems. Dries is a hard-working individual and was kind enough to provide my team with ideas on how we can improve our product outside of his deep learning responsibilities. It has been a pleasure to work with Dries and we look forward to continuing our partnership currently and for future projects. "
Laurelle and Rijon Charne
Founders at Goinvigo
" Dries is the best machine learning barista out there! I had the pleasure of meeting him at one of the Meetups where he was giving a talk on training a neural network for image classification. Since then, I had the privilege of working with him on several cloud-based machine learning projects for clients in the banking and manufacturing industries, e.g. training a recommendation engine production model in the insurance industry. Dries is a genuine and passionate person who will go out of his way to deliver beyond what is needed. I would highly recommend him on any data or machine learning work! Oh, and don’t forget to get coffee from him! "
Deep Learning Cafe
Kimoon Kim
Google Developer Expert

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